Don't cheat in our home town

Ricky Skaggs

Label:Epic FE 38954
Release Date:1983
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Don't cheat in our hometown3:17
Composer:R. Pennington-R. Marcum
A-2. Honey (open that door)3:28
Composer:M. Tillis
A-3. A wound time can't erase3:40
Composer:B.D. Johnson
A-4. A vision of mother3:19
Composer:C. Stanley-R. Stanley
A-5. Uncle Pen2:23
Composer:B. Monore
B-1. I'm head over heels in love3:41
Composer:L. Flatt
B-2. Don't step over an old love3:34
Composer:R. Stryker
B-3. Shoe's more to be pitied2:48
Composer:R. Rakes
B-4. Keep a memory2:36
Composer:C. Stanley
B-5. Children go2:25