Mountain fiddler

Herb Smoke & the North Mountain Ramblers

Label:Skyline DD 105
Release Date:1973
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1975-10

Song Information:

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A-1. Red apple rag1:48
A-2. Dusty miller1:05
A-3. Green Mountain polka1:43
A-4. Waltz of the wind3:50
A-5. I'm goin' down the road feelin' bad1:54
A-6. Waltz of the valley2:42
A-7. I don't love nobody2:10
A-8. Beaumont rag2:02
B-1. Maple sugar2:33
B-2. Waltz you saved for me3:14
B-3. White feather1:37
B-4. Red wing2:05
B-5. Arkansas traveler3:23
B-5. Golden slippers
B-5. Mississippi sawyer
B-5. Soldier's joy
B-6. Melody of love2:06
B-7. Up jumped the devil1:30
B-8. Draggin' the bow1:32