Carolina sunshine

Don Sowards & the Laurel Mountain Boys

Label:Leather LBG 7710
Release Date:1980
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1981-04

Song Information:

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A-1. Forever one day at a time3:47
Composer:Eddy Raven
A-2. Song for life3:50
Composer:Rodney Crowell
A-3. Ramblin' showboat gambler2:37
Composer:Dan Seals
A-4. Blue summer song5:14
Composer:Don Sowards
A-5. While I'm gone2:37
Composer:Don Sowards
A-6. Someone is looking for someone like you3:31
Composer:Gail Davies
B-1. Carolina sunshine2:50
Composer:Don Sowards
B-2. This is my year for Mexico2:54
Composer:Vincent Mathews
B-3. Midnight loneliness2:54
Composer:Don Sowards
B-4. Mary's not the Mary that I knew2:37
Composer:Don Sowards
B-5. Sandcastles2:56
Composer:Don Sowards
B-6. I'm head over heels in love2:01
Composer:Lester Flatt