Freight train boogie

Special Consensus

Label:Turquoise TR 5056
Release Date:1986
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Blue train2:20
Composer:Mike Abernathy
A-2. She loves my troubles3:10
Composer:Max Barnes
A-3. Smith's reel2:53
A-4. Have I loved you too late2:35
Composer:Randall Hylton
A-5. Way out there3:10
Composer:Bob Nolan
B-1. Margarita breakdown2:25
Composer:Greg Cahill
B-2. Thunder clouds of love2:07
B-3. Rusty railroad track3:13
Composer:D.G. White
B-4. My days are numbered (and my nights don't count)2:10
Composer:Greg Cahill
B-5. Freight train boogie4:44
Composer:Bob Nobar, Jim Scott