Blue northerns

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band

Label:Acoustic Revival AR 33009
Release Date:1983
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1983-06

Song Information:

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A-1. Catch a train and rideSpecial Consensus 1:45
Composer:Ralph Stanley
A-2. Dream of meSpecial Consensus 3:02
Composer:Null, Squires, Cannon
A-3. Endless highwaySpecial Consensus 2:10
Composer:Chris Jones
A-4. Snowflake breakdownSpecial Consensus 2:57
A-5. BluewaterSpecial Consensus 2:57
Composer:Micheal Ballew
A-6. Old country churchSpecial Consensus 2:27
B-1. Let's part the best of friendsSpecial Consensus 2:11
Composer:Carter Stanley
B-2. Cried myself awakeSpecial Consensus 3:53
Composer:David, Goates
B-3. Ramblin' manSpecial Consensus 2:38
Composer:Dickie Betts
B-4. Over the humpSpecial Consensus 3:00
Composer:Greg Cahill
B-5. I'll take the blameSpecial Consensus 2:14
Composer:Cirtain, Stacy, Clackly
B-6. Country boySpecial Consensus 3:16
Composer:Lee, Colton, Smith