Sweet Allis Chalmers

Special Edition

Label:Grass Mountain GM 1006
Release Date:1983
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1984-05

Song Information:

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A-1. The race is on2:25
Composer:D. Rollins
A-2. Blue memories of Mississippi2:25
Composer:Billy Joe Foster
A-3. Searching for yesterday1:55
Composer:Jimmy Helms
A-4. Up around the bend2:30
Composer:John Fogerty
A-5. Down in the valley2:01
A-6. I ain't broke but I'm badly bent1:43
Composer:M. Ellis
B-1. Sweet Allis Chalmers3:28
Composer:Bill Caswell
B-2. Hey baby (you've lost your hold on me)2:26
Composer:Billy Joe Foster
B-3. When the grass grows over me2:51
Composer:C. Chapel
B-4. My last prayer2:53
Composer:Terry Fletcher
B-5. Hobo3:52
Composer:Jack Bonus