Progressive bluegrass. Vol. 3, Five string banjo specialties

Roger Sprung & his Progressive Bluegrassers

Label:Folkways FA 2472
Release Date:1965-06
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-8. Ragtime Annie
B-7. Hello, Dolly
B-6. Paddy won't you drink some cider
B-5. Moscow nights
B-4. Forked deer
B-3. Buck's stumble
B-2. Sailor's hornpipe
B-1. Old Molly Hare
A-8. Rickett's hornpipe
A-7. The little drummer boy
A-6. Turkey in the straw
A-5. Down home rag
A-4. Fisher's hornpipe
A-3. Deep Elem blues
A-2. Blackberry blossom
A-1. Yes sir, that's my baby