Progressive bluegrass. Vol. 1

Roger Sprung & his Progressive Bluegrassers

Label:Folkways FA 2370
Release Date:1963
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. The wildgoose chase
A-2. Stars and stripes forever
Composer:John Philip Sousa
A-3. Spinning wheel
A-4. Big banjo from Broadway
A-5. Whistling Rufus
A-6. The World is waiting for the sunrise
Composer:Eugene Lockhart-Ernest Seitz
B-1. Mack the knife
Composer:Kurt Weill
B-2. Nellie Bly
Composer:Stephen Foster
B-3. Malaquena
Composer:Ernesto Luecona
B-4. Smokey Mokes
Composer:Abe Holzmann
B-5. Greensleeves
B-6. Bye bye blues