The early days of Carl Story

Carl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers

Label:Cattle LP 10
Release Date:1980
BG Unlimited:1981-07 ID: 4412105

Song Information:

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A-1. Family reunion2:45
Composer:H. Gabbard-A. Holt
A-2. Light at the river2:20
Composer:Carl Story-B. Brewster
A-3. Echoes from the burning bush2:34
Composer:V.O. Summar-Bryon Foust
A-4. Gone home2:38
Composer:Bill Carlisle
A-5. Are you afraid to die2:41
Composer:Ira & Charles Louvin-Eddie Hill
A-6. My Lord's gonna lead me out2:10
Composer:Eddie Hill-Ira & Charles Louvin
A-7. Saviour's love2:20
Composer:W.L. Phillips
A-8. God put a rainbow in the clouds2:18
B-1. I've found a hiding place2:50
B-2. The Circle was broken2:47
B-3. My Lord keeps a record2:45
B-4. Why don't you haul off and get religion2:34
Composer:Claude Boone
B-5. Will there be a traffic light2:27
Composer:Mac McCarty
B-6. The Old country preacher2:48
Composer:Fred Kirby
B-7. New Jerusalem way2:18
Composer:Albert E. Brumley
B-8. When He reached down His hand for me2:36
Composer:G.E. Wright