Sacred songs of life & the hereafter

Carl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers

Label:Starday SLP 315
Release Date:1965
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-6. When I take my vacation in heaven
Composer:Herbert Buffum
B-5. Distant land to roam
Composer:C. Story-York
B-4. Shake my mother's hand for me
B-3. The old country preacher
Composer:C. Story-York
B-2. Listen to your radio
Composer:C. Story
B-1. He'll set your fields on fire
A-6. Someone's praying for me
Composer:C. Story-Wallace Carter
A-5. Church in the valley
Composer:Bryant Wilson
A-4. Why do you weep dear willow?
A-3. Didn't they crucify my Lord
A-2. White dove
A-1. Glory hallelujah, now I'm satisfied
Composer:M. Pack-C. Story