Sing the gospel songs you ask for

Carl Story & the Brewster Brothers

Label:Rimrock 100
Release Date:1967-03
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1967-03

Song Information:

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A-1. Get on board
A-2. Will there be a traffic light
A-3. Lonesome road
A-4. What a wonderful Savior
A-5. My journey's end is drawing nigh
A-6. I'll be happy in my new home
A-7. I'm ready to go
A-8. Many religions
A-9. I know my lord's gonna lead me out
B-1. Going homePine Ridge Quartet
B-2. I'll be somewhere listeningPine Ridge Quartet
B-3. Father forgive themJimmy Zack
B-4. Why worryJerry & Judie Whitener
B-5. Cool chilly watersJerry & Judie Whitener
B-6. Because of HimCarl Pete
B-7. Reverend WillCarl Pete
B-8. I walk in the Jerusalem wayThe Evans Family