Together again

Joe Stuart & Carl Sauceman

Label:Atteiram AP I-L 1570
Release Date:1978
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. I might have known
A-2. Grave on the green hillside
Composer:Wiley & Zeke Morris
A-3. My main trial is yet to come
A-4. Let us travel on
A-5. Pay me no mind
A-6. Lonely tombs
B-1. Will there be sweethearts in Heaven
Composer:Buck Owens
B-2. Go take the news to mother
Composer:Calloway-W. Callahan-H. Callahan
B-3. The leaves musn't fall
B-4. I am a pilgrim
Composer:Merle Travis
B-5. Anywhere is home
B-6. Shenandoah waltz
Composer:Clyde Moody-Chubby Wise