Instrumental side of the Sunnysiders

Roy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders

Label:Jessup MB 153
Release Date:1977
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-11

Song Information:

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B-6. Campin' in canyonland1:50
B-5. Devil's dream2:22
B-4. More pretty girls2:19
B-3. Florida blues2:07
B-2. Festival time1:49
B-1. Sally Ann2:24
A-6. Dusty fiddle2:17
A-5. Curly-headed baby2:11
A-4. Brown Ferry blues1:43
A-3. Clinch Mountain top1:53
A-2. Back-up and push1:35
A-1. Sunnyside of life2:34