Bluegrass from pappy's farm

Ernest Thomas & his Bluegrass Pioneers

Label:VRP ET 4480
Release Date:1982
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1982-07

Song Information:

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A-1. Whoa! Mule1:35
A-2. Help me make it through the night1:55
A-3. I'll never love another3:30
A-4. Papa played the dobro1:38
A-5. You are my flower3:00
A-6. Dobro chimes1:40
A-7. Wild Bill Jones2:48
B-1. Somebody loves you darling2:28
B-2. Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms3:00
B-3. Maggie blues2:30
B-4. Cannonball blues2:25
B-5. Movin' on2:35
B-6. Bluebirds singing3:08
B-7. Dear old Dixie2:25