Sings Pentecostal revival songs

Evangelist Dallas Turner

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 177
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Don't you want to serve King Jesus
A-2. Praying for the power to come down
A-3. A holy ghost revival's in the air
A-4. Signs, wonders, and miracles
A-5. I'm gonna move with God
A-6. Sweet waves of glory
A-7. Get the baptism of the Holy Ghost
A-8. Something got hold of me
A-9. Coming out of the wilderness
A-10. Praise in
A-11. This train
A-12. Holy ghost religion
B-1. Diamonds in the rough
B-2. Pentecostal ship
B-3. The Devil is mad
B-4. When the world's on fire
B-5. In my Father's house
B-6. I'm on my way to Canaan's land
B-7. Working on a buildin'
B-8. Hand me down my silver trumpet
B-9. Jesus is your answer
B-10. Give me your hand
B-11. God gave Noah the rainbow sign
B-12. The sun will never go down