The great reaping day

Early Upchurch

Label:Heritage HRC 625
Release Date:1988
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1990-01

Song Information:

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A-1. Great speckled bird
A-2. It won't be long
A-3. He lifted me out
A-4. It's alright
A-5. Except these days be shortened
A-6. Cross over to the other side of Jordan
A-7. Money won't buy that soul of mine
A-8. The great reaping day
A-9. Good old gospel singing
B-1. My cup runneth over
B-2. Walking in God's sunshine
B-3. I'm ready to go
B-4. I got religion the old time way
B-5. He made me free
B-6. Matthew 24
B-7. I'm gonna serve Him till I die
B-8. I love God's way of living
B-9. Please stop kicking God's children around