Uptown Bluegrass III

Uptown Bluegrass

Label:Mistletoe MR 101
Release Date:1977
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-09

Song Information:

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A-1. Travelin' light2:35
A-2. To love somebody3:23
Composer:B. & R. Gibbs
A-3. Remington ride2:47
A-4. Take me back to Tulsa2:39
Composer:Wills & Duncan
A-5. Until then2:49
Composer:S. Hamlin
A-6. Travelin' houndog1:05
A-7. Good womans love3:25
B-1. Good womans love (reprise)1:14
B-2. Why don't you tell me so2:18
B-3. Each season changes you3:21
Composer:R. Talley-A. Goree
B-4. Country comfort2:13
Composer:E. John-B. Taupin
B-5. Rawhide2:50
Composer:W. Monroe
B-6. Mr. Bojangles4:24