Mountains & memories

Virginia Squires

Label:Rebel REB 1634
Release Date:1985
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1985-09

Song Information:

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B-5. Honky tonk women02:50
Composer:M. Jagger-K. Richards
B-4. MacClenny farewell04:43
Composer:W. McLean
B-3. Nightime lady03:35
Composer:S. Ludlam
B-2. I will run02:37
Composer:D. Henson-T. Kelly
B-1. Only a memory away03:43
Composer:M. Henderson
A-6. Country song02:53
Composer:T.P. Waterhouse
A-5. Ticket to ride02:09
A-4. Girl I left in sunny Tennessee03:29
A-3. Chilly winds04:36
Composer:L. McPeak
A-2. The sky is weeping03:10
Composer:R. Hylton
A-1. Cold sheets of rain02:07
Composer:R. Hylton