Bluegrass time

Cliff Waldron & the New Shades of Grass

Label:Rebel SLP 1524
Release Date:1973-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1974-03

Song Information:

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B-6. Our last goodbye2:31
B-5. Daybreak in Dixie2:08
B-4. We can't be darlings anymore2:45
B-3. Little girl2:29
B-2. Thinking about you2:42
B-1. Lonesome without you2:27
A-6. Angels are singing3:42
A-5. Groundspeed1:19
A-4. Your love is like a flower2:27
A-3. Will the roses bloom2:44
A-2. Old Kentucky bound2:12
A-1. Lost and I'll never find the way2:35