Roots of bluegrass

Harry & Jeanie West

Label:Folk Variety FV 12028
Release Date:1982
BG Unlimited:1983-04

Song Information:

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A-1. When the angels carry me home
A-2. Why not confess
A-3. Road side rag
A-4. Take me back to Tulsa
A-5. I believe I'm entitled to you
A-6. Juanita
A-7. We can't be darlings anymore
A-8. Natural bridge blues
B-1. There'll come a time
B-2. Jordan am a hard road to travel
B-3. Going down the valley
B-4. Little Annie
B-5. I know what it means to be lonesome
B-6. Kneel at the cross
B-7. Somebody loves you darling