We'll work 'til Jesus comes

The Wilson Brothers (Kentucky)

Label:Old Homestead OHS 70044
Release Date:1982
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Who was that man2:02
Composer:Osburn Thorpe; Ozzie Boy Music Publishing, BMI
A-2. What a wonderful Saviour2:29
A-3. Hold me closer Jesus2:11
Composer:Herbert Gibson; BMI
A-4. Just a little faith2:21
Composer:Osburn Thorpe; Ozzie Boy Music Publishing, BMI
A-5. We'll work, till Jesus comes2:18
A-6. Dreams of home2:19
Composer:Joe Isaacs
B-1. Six hours on the cross2:46
Composer:J. D. Jarvis; Eastview Music Co., BMI
B-2. Two coats before me2:45
Composer:Osburn Thorpe-Edward Wilson; Eastview Music, BMI
B-3. He will guide you2:34
Composer:Russell Wilson; BMI
B-4. I recommend my Lord to you3:19
Composer:J. D. Jarvis; Eastview Music, BMI
B-5. If you'll turn to Jesus2:30
Composer:C. Wilson-L. Shepherd-R. Wilson; Ozzie Boy Music, BMI