Go where the action is

George Winn & the Bluegrass Partners

Label:Major MRCLP 1171
Release Date:1971
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1971-11

Song Information:

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A-1. Foggy Mountain breakdown1:36
Composer:Earl Scruggs
A-2. Mothers prayer3:38
A-3. Sitting on the banks1:36
Composer:G. Winn
A-4. Treat me kind2:26
Composer:G. Winn
A-5. Lonesome Willie3:14
Composer:G. Winn
A-6. There's been a change3:52
Composer:G. Winn
A-7. Dear mother's gone2:44
Composer:G. Winn
A-8. The Prisoner's song2:47
Composer:G. Massey
B-1. Patty on the turnpike1:55
B-2. Swing low, sweet chariot4:08
B-3. Memories2:46
Composer:G. Winn
B-4. Swinging doors3:05
Composer:M. Haggard
B-5. Homeward bound2:40
Composer:G. Winn