The ABC collection

Mac Wiseman

Label:ABC AC 30033
Release Date:1977
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1A-1. Are you coming back to me2:30
Composer:Mac Wiseman
1A-2. I'm a stranger2:35
Composer:Mac Wiseman
1A-3. It's goodbye and so long to you2:20
Composer:Raymond Coutere, Harold J. Breau
1A-4. I'd rather live by the side of the road2:45
Composer:Albert F. Brumley
1A-5. You're the girl of my dreams2:37
1A-6. Reveille in Heaven2:02
Composer:F. Kirby
1B-1. Don't blame it all on me2:26
Composer:Curt Barrett, Charles Wilkins
1B-2. I love you best of all2:28
1B-3. I didn't know2:26
Composer:Billy Vaughn
1B-4. Georgia waltz2:38
Composer:George Krise
1B-5. Dreaming of a little cabin2:55
Composer:Albert F. Brumley
1B-6. Going to see my baby2:20
Composer:Alton Delmore, Arthur Smith
2A-1. We live in two different worlds2:00
2A-2. Tragic romance2:55
2A-3. I'll be all smiles tonight2:46
2A-4. This is where I came in2:58
2A-5. You're the best of all the leading brands2:26
2A-6. Don't make me go to bed and I'll be good3:18
2B-1. The bluebirds are singing for me2:25
Composer:Mac Wiseman
2B-2. New black suit2:46
Composer:Mike Paxton
2B-3. How lonely can you get2:24
Composer:Rusty Nail
2B-4. Since the day you went away2:30
Composer:Mac Wiseman
2B-5. Darling little Joe2:37
Composer:Mac Wiseman
2B-6. A million, million girls1:57
Composer:Smokey Smith, Joe L. Parish