The Mac Wiseman story

Mac Wiseman

Label:CMH CMH 9001
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-11

Song Information:

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A-1. Love letters in the sand2:15
Composer:J. F. Coots-N. Kenny-C. Kenny
A-2. Little blossom3:08
A-3. I've got no use for the women3:25
A-4. Dark hollow2:29
Composer:B. Browning
A-5. The wreck of the old 972:10
B-1. The ballad of the Lawson Family2:30
Composer:M. Wiseman
B-2. May I sleep in your barn tonight, mister?3:06
B-3. Bringing Mary home3:33
Composer:J. Duffy-C. Mank-J. Kingston
B-4. The girl in the blue velvet band2:36
B-5. I'll be all smiles tonight3:20
C-1. I wonder how the old folks are at home3:00
Composer:Stephen Foster
C-2. Jimmie Brown, the newsboy2:00
Composer:A. P. Carter
C-3. Little box of pins3:20
C-4. Remembering1:50
Composer:M. Wiseman-G. Martin
C-5. These hands2:42
Composer:E. Noack
D-1. The baggage coach ahead2:41
D-2. I still write your name in the sand2:55
Composer:B. Cox
D-3. Six more miles2:11
Composer:H. Williams
D-4. Tis sweet to be remembered2:37
Composer:M. Wiseman
D-5. Dreaming of a little cabin2:49
Composer:A. E. Brumley