The early Mac Wiseman on the radio

Mac Wiseman

Label:Danny MW 7909

Song Information:

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A-1. Wabash Cannonball
Composer:A. P. Carter
A-2. Driftwood on the river
Composer:Don Elenner-Bob Miller
A-3. Hold fast to the right
Composer:W. H. Doane-E. E. Winsett
A-4. You can't judge a book (by its cover)
Composer:Claude Boone
A-5. I saw your face in the moon
Composer:Otis Elder
A-6. I'm drifting back to dreamland
A-7. Crazy blues
Composer:P. Smith
B-1. Let me borrow your heart for just tonight
Composer:Vass-Mac Wiseman
B-2. Smilin' through
B-3. Goin' like wildfire
Composer:George E. Krise
B-4. Shackles and chains
Composer:Jimmie Davis; P.D.
B-5. Zach King of the hammer
Composer:Don Owens
B-6. The preacher and the bear
Composer:Joe Arizona
B-7. Wildwood flower
Composer:P. D.