Sixteen great performances

Mac Wiseman

Label:ABC ABDP 4009
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. I'll be all smiles tonight2:46
A-2. Jimmy Brown the newsboy2:05
Composer:A. Carter
A-3. Are you coming back to me2:30
Composer:M. Wiseman
A-4. Since the day you went away2:30
Composer:M. Wiseman
A-5. The Baggage coach ahead2:32
A-6. Beautiful isle of somewhere2:37
A-7. I'll still write your name in the sand2:40
Composer:B. Starcher
A-8. When it's lamplighting time in the valley2:32
Composer:J. Lyons-S. Hart-C. Poulton-H. Goodman-D. Upson
B-1. 'Tis sweet to be remembered2:03
B-2. The Preacher and the bear2:07
B-3. Where is my boy tonight3:08
B-4. The Bluebirds are singing for me2:25
Composer:M. Wiseman
B-5. The Wreck of the Old 971:55
Composer:H. Whitter-C. Noell-F. Lewey
B-6. I didn't know2:26
Composer:B. Vaughn
B-7. Darling Nellie Gray3:29
B-8. The Three bells2:46
Composer:B. Reisfeld-J. Villard