Howard Yearwood

Label:First Inversion FIR 002
Release Date:1984
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Fretware3:15
Composer:Howard Yearwood
A-2. Cowboys and indians3:14
Composer:Bill Emerson
A-3. Kissimmee Kid2:58
Composer:Vassar Clements
A-4. Texas barbeque3:09
Composer:Bela Fleck
A-5. Under the double eagle2:51
Composer:B.F. Wagner
A-6. Time will heal all things3:11
Composer:Jim Taylor
B-1. Whistlestop3:06
Composer:Howard Yearwood
B-2. Jamboree3:32
Composer:Andrew Belling
B-3. Classical gas3:00
Composer:Mason Williams
B-4. Snowball2:51
Composer:Byron Berline
B-5. The Cuckoo's nest4:10