Christmas time back home

Various artists

Label:Rebel RLP 1477
Release Date:1965-12
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Away in a mangerBill Carroll
A-2. Would you like to ride with SantaJimmy Haney
A-3. Let's all have an old-fashioned ChristmasJimmy Haney
A-4. The prisoners ChristmasMickey Burke
A-5. Who would be a shepherd boyMickey Burke
A-6. Jesus is born in BethlehemMickey Burke
A-7. Don't make us cry on Christmas dayMickey Burke
A-8. Don't throw away your spiritMickey Burke
A-9. Just a moment now to prayMickey Burke
B-1. Christmas time back homeCountry Gentlemen
B-2. Jingle bellsCountry Gentlemen
B-3. Silent nightCountry Gentlemen
B-4. We three kingsCountry Gentlemen
B-5. Come you cheerful peopleBill Carroll
B-6. To hear the angels singBill Carroll
B-7. Oh little town of BethlehemBill Carroll
B-8. Slowly fall the snowflakesBill Carroll
B-9. If you are to sin inclinedBill Carroll