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Various artists

Label:Donerail 102
Release Date:1970
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1970-12

Song Information:

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1. Rose of old KentuckyJ. D. Crowe & the Kentucky Mountain Boys
2. WindagoLouise Brock & the Kentucky Mountain Boys
Composer:Duane Story
3. Sally GoodinBill Parker & J. P. Fraley
Instruments:Bill Parker-bj; J. P. Fraley-f
4. They're cleaning up our riverDan & Louise Brock
Composer:J. Nutting
5. Coal tatoo [sic]The Village Singers
6. Whoa muleBill & Mary Nell Parker
7. Willie boyJ. D. Crowe & the Kentucky Mountain Boys
8. How shall I greet youBluegrass Alliance
9. Lonesome doveAnnadeene Fraley
10. Roll muddy riverBluegrass State
11. Green green grass of homeThe Village Singers
12. Jealous loverLouise Brock & the Kentucky Mountain Boys
13. Rabbit in a logBill & Mary Nell Parker
14. Monroe's hornpipeBluegrass Alliance
Composer:Bill Monroe