Country blue grass jamboree

Various artists

Label:Mad Bag MB 288-289
Release Date:1977
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Keep on the sunny sideDon Reno & Benny Martin 1:25
A-2. I'll be all smiles tonightDeacon Brumfield 2:41
A-3. Travel onNew River Boys 2:46
A-4. KentuckyDeacon Brumfield 2:11
A-5. Steel guitar ragNew River Boys 2:53
A-6. Dobro chimesDeacon Brumfield 1:58
A-7. Dust on the BibleStanley Brothers 1:12
A-8. Virginia mountain banjoJack Cooke 2:03
A-9. OlohaNew River Boys 2:27
A-10. grey eagle hornpipeNew River Boys 1:36
A-11. In the sweet bye and byeStanley Brothers 1:23
A-12. Steel guitar chimesNew River Boys 1:56
A-13. Where the soul never diesStanley Brothers 0:59
A-14. I've always been a ramblerJack Cooke 2:21
A-15. Bringin' in the Georgia mailNew River Boys 2:02
B-1. Lonesome valleyStanley Brothers 1:08
B-2. Roll on buddy, roll onNew River Boys 1:50
B-3. Handsome MollyAlex Campbell 2:34
B-4. John HenryNew River Boys 1:17
B-5. Little darlin'New River Boys 2:36
B-6. Georgia steel guitarNew River Boys 2:31
B-7. Cumberland GapNew River Boys 1:08
B-8. Sourwood MountainNew River Boys 1:10
B-9. I'll fly awayDon Reno & Benny Martin 2:06
B-10. Lord I'm coming homeStanley Brothers 1:25
B-11. Swing low sweet chariotDon Reno & Benny Martin 1:31
B-12. Wildwood flowerDeacon Brumfield 2:14
B-13. The old rugged crossDon Reno & Benny Martin 1:08
B-14. Me and my fiddleNew River Boys 1:53
B-15. New River trainNew River Boys 1:29