Country express

Various artists

Label:Starday SLP 109
Release Date:1960-05
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-8. Banjo on the mountainStanley Brothers
B-7. Dixie rambleBill Clifton
B-6. Thumbs guitar boogieBill Wimberly
B-5. Fiddlin' JoeTommy Jackson
B-4. Border rideJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
B-3. Station breakHerby Remington
B-2. Travelin' dobroCountry Gentlemen
B-1. Country expressWayne Raney
A-8. Merry mountain hoedownKen Clark
A-7. Mandolin tangoBuzz Busby
A-6. Snowflake breakdownWally Traugott
A-5. Banjo whizCountry Gentlemen
A-4. Springfield guitar socialBill Wimberly
A-3. Dixie hoedownJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
A-2. Swing fiddle ragBill Wimberly
A-1. Orange blossom fiddleCountry Gentlemen