Country & western classics : duets

Various artists

Label:Time-Life TLCW 05
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-3. What would you give in exchange for your soulThe Monroe Brothers
C-1. Remember meLulu Belle & Scotty
C-2. Have I told you lately that I love youLulu Belle & Scotty
C-3. When my blue moon turns to gold againWiley Walker & Gene Sullivan
C-4. As long as I liveBailes Brothers
C-5. You can't go half wayBailes Brothers
C-6. This world can't stand longWilma Lee & Stoney Cooper 2:23
Recording Date:1963-01-29
Composer:Roy Acuff
Place:RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-g; Stoney Cooper-f; George Washington McCormick-g; Marvin Russell-elec lg; Floyd Cramer-p; Floyd Taylor 'Lightnin' Chance-sb; Murrey M. 'Buddy' Harman-d
Vocals:W. L. Cooper-L; S. Cooper-H
C-7. The West Virginia polkaWilma Lee & Stoney Cooper 2:16
Recording Date:1951-07-13
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:46492-1 / NASH 1268
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-g; Stoney Cooper-f; Burkett Howard 'Buck' Graves-db; Joe Stuart-m; Albert Lee 'Ab' Cole-sb; Benjamin 'Tex' Logan-f
Vocals:W. L. Cooper-L; S. Cooper-B
D-1. Come walk with meWilma Lee & Stoney Cooper 2:24
Recording Date:1958-03-18
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Wilma Lee Cooper-g; Stoney Cooper-f; Johnny Clark-bj; Benny Edward Martin-f; Jimmy Crawford-sg; Pee Wee Kirshaw-db
Vocals:S. Cooper-L; W. L. Cooper-T; Carol Lee Cooper-H
D-2. Mary of the wild moorBlue Sky Boys
D-3. KentuckyBlue Sky Boys