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Label:Takoma D 1062
Release Date:1978
Country:United States

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A-1. Everybody slidesMike Auldridge 4:15
A-2. Train 45 1/2Mike Auldridge
A-3. Mr. JacksonRose Maddox 2:54
A-4. Heart of a country songRose Maddox 2:08
A-5. Trucker's nightmareLawrence Hammond 3:30
B-1. Tornado's comin' downLawrence Hammond 3:12
B-2. Griffith Mandolin SocietyTut Taylor 3:39
B-3. Vamp in the middleTut Taylor 3:40
B-4. Sally GoodinNew Grass Revival 3:29
B-5. I though you were holdingJohn Hartford 3:28