Dueling banjos : the best in bluegrass

Various artists

Label:Recar PCA 5002
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Dueling banjosRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
A-2. Glory to the meeting houseArt Stamper
A-3. JerichoJimmie Williams
A-4. Kent County breakdownRFD Boys
A-5. Isn't it a beautiful dayLeon Morris
A-6. RFD CountyRFD Boys
A-7. Stamper's bluesArt Stamper
A-8. Buck wheatCurly Ray Cline
A-9. DorangoRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
A-10. Run devil runJimmie Williams
A-11. Denise rideLowell Varney
A-12. Back road pickin'Lowell Varney
A-13. Mountain echoRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
B-1. Ain't it hardRalph Stanley
B-2. Yonders countryLowell Varney
B-3. No hiding place down hereCarl Story
B-4. Maybe then I'll understandGoins Brothers
B-5. Old fashioned churchRed Ellis & the Huron Valley Boys
B-6. Whippoorwill's callRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
B-7. On the banks of the riverLowell Varney
B-8. Let's keep Old Glory wavingRalph Stanley
B-9. LenaLeon Morris
B-10. Summer's goneJimmie Williams
B-11. I can't blame youRoy McGinnis & the Sunnysiders
B-12. Banjo pickin' boy from West VirginiaStanley Brothers