Early country music radio

Various artists

Label:Heritage 30
Release Date:1980
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1981-06

Song Information:

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You played on radio showsBailes Brothers
Will the angels have a sweetheartBailes Brothers
We've got so many pickersOla Belle & Alex Campbell
We sold everything down thereBailes Brothers
Shout LuluWade Mainer
Quit kickin' my dog aroundWade Mainer
Old Joe ClarkOla Belle & Alex Campbell
My home's across the Blue Ridge MountainsWade Mainer
I started when I was about twentyWade Mainer
I only want a buddyBailes Brothers
I hear my mother callBailes Brothers
I have dusted off my BibleBailes Brothers
Give mother my crownBailes Brothers
Faded coat of blueWade Mainer
Bringing in the Georgia mailOla Belle & Alex Campbell
Big eyed rabbitWade Mainer