Blue grass : Fiddle & Banjo Club, Roanoke, Virginia

Various artists

Label:Kay G.L.D.E. 1001
Country:United States

Song Information:

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All the good times are past and goneSkyline Entertainers
Bill CheatumBluegrass Cavaliers
Charlotte breakdownClinton King & the Virginia Mountaineers
Fox on the runFloyd County Boys
Hickory HollowBlue Grass Entertainers
Let me love you one more timeWelcome Valley Boys
Love please come homeBlue Grass Colonels
Old Green Back DollarClinton King & the Virginia Mountaineers
Old Joe ClarkFloyd County Boys
One tin soldierDreadful Snakes
Please be my loveDreadful Snakes
Red Wood HillBlue Grass Entertainers
Swing low sweet chariotBluegrass Cavaliers
Take thy cross and follow meBlue Grass Colonels
Tramp on the streetBetty Waldron
Two little boysWelcome Valley Boys
You are my flowerSkyline Entertainers