Fiddle jam session, Weiser, Idaho and Missoula, Montana

Various artists

Label:Voyager V 301
Release Date:1967
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1968-03

Song Information:

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A-1. Sourwood MountainLonnie Peerce
A-2. Grey eagleBill Long
A-3. Bill CheathamDave Frisbee
A-4. East Tennessee bluesJim Widner
A-5. Devil's dreamBill Mitchell & Vivian Williams
A-6. Jean LatippeLoyd Wanzer
A-7. Lost indianByron Berline
A-8. Hell among the yearlingsBill Mitchell
A-9. Swinging fiddlesBud Meredith & Lonnie Peerce
A-10. Jack of diamondsDwayne Youngblood
A-11. Sally GoodingJ. C. Gentle & Bill Mitchell
A-12. Sally JohnsonByron Berline
B-1. Leather britchesBill Long
B-2. Arkansas travellerByron Berline
B-3. Black Mountain ragLonnie Peerce
B-4. Williamson's hornpipeBill Yohey
B-5. Fort SmithFay Sneed
B-6. Sally Johnson/Katy HillBill Long
B-7. Flop-eared muleDon Wiles, Jim Widner & Vivian Williams
B-8. The Waltz of the bluegrassLonnie Peerce
B-9. Monroe's hornpipeByron Berline
B-10. Apple blossomByron Berline