The Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys

Stanley Brothers

Label:Mercury (Japan) SFL 9085-6
Release Date:1971

Song Information:

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D-6. No school bus in Heaven2:48
D-5. I'd rather be forgotten2:17
D-4. A Life of sorrow2:31
D-3. If that's the way you feel2:29
D-2. Loving you too well2:10
D-1. I'll never grow tired of you2:08
C-6. Let me walk, Lord, by your side2:51
C-5. I'm lost, I'll never find the way1:56
C-4. Will he wait a little longer2:21
C-3. Lonesome and blue2:16
C-2. You'd better get right2:22
C-1. Just a little talk with Jesus2:14
B-6. I hear my Saviour calling2:09
B-5. I worship you2:25
B-4. Say you'll take me back1:56
B-3. Baby girl2:16
B-2. Hard times2:45
Recording Date:1954-08-29
Composer:Ralph Stanley; Acuff-Rose, BMI
Place:Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Joe Meadows-f; Bill Lowe-m; Charlie Cline-g; Lightnin' Chance-bs
B-1. Calling from heaven2:15
A-6. Close by2:05
A-5. I just got wise2:32
A-4. Could you love me2:34
A-3. I'm lonesome with goodbye2:28
A-2. The Weary heart you stole away2:38
A-1. Say won't you be mine2:46