Five string banjo pickin' and singin'

Various artists

Label:King 994
Release Date:1967
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-9. Lone some travelerStanley Brothers
B-8. Golden moonCowboy Copas
B-7. Tragic romanceStanley Brothers
B-6. Rang tangStanley Brothers
B-5. Doll of clayCowboy Copas
B-4. You never can be mineGrandpa Jones
B-3. Hope of a broken heartGrandpa Jones
B-2. She's gone and left another broken heartGrandpa Jones
B-1. Maybe you will miss me when I'm goneGrandpa Jones
A-9. What can I do without my little darlingGrandpa Jones
A-8. My darling's not my darling anymoreGrandpa Jones
A-7. Would be better for us bothCowboy Copas
A-6. Rose of TennesseeCowboy Copas
A-5. Train 45Stanley Brothers
A-4. Pledging my loveCowboy Copas
A-3. Big boogerStanley Brothers
A-2. ShamrockStanley Brothers
A-1. Five string dragStanley Brothers