Galax Old Fiddlers Convention, Va.

Various artists

Label:Folkways FA 2435
Release Date:1964-10
Country:United States ID: 3957533

Song Information:

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A-1. East Tennessee bluesLarry Richardson
A-3. Bill CheathamThe Stoney Mountain Boys
A-4. The sweetest gift, a mother's smileUdell McPeak & Billy Edwards
A-5. Black Mountain ragKenneth Poovey
A-7. John HenryGeorge Pegram
A-8. Cricket on the hearthThe Sunny Mountain Boys
A-9. Columbus Stockade bluesDot Edwards & Katie Golden
B-2. Wandering boyIvor Melton & Glen Neaves
B-3. Stony CreekSonny Miller
B-5. Bill CheathamBuddy Pendleton
B-6. Seeing Nellie homeBilly Edwards
B-7. Leather britchesBrushy River Boys
B-9. Honeysuckle ragThe Mountain Ramblers
B-11. Walking in my sleepThe Virginia Playboys