25 greatest bluegrass hits

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 8558
Release Date:2000-08-22
Country:United States

Song Information:

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25. A vision of motherOsborne Brothers
24. Rank strangersCarl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers
23. White doveOsborne Brothers
22. Randy Lynn ragLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
21. Pain in my heartOsborne Brothers
20. Jimmie Brown, the newsboyMac Wiseman
19. Sunny side of the mountainOsborne Brothers
18. I wonder how the old folks are at homeMac Wiseman
17. Light at the riverCarl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers
16. If I should wander back tonightPinnacle Boys
15. Foggy Mountain breakdownBenny Martin
14. Your love is like a flowerOsborne Brothers
13. Are you missing me?Don Reno & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
12. My Lord keeps a recordCarl Story
11. Love letters in the sandMac Wiseman
10. Little Rock getawayDon Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
9. Tennessee hound dogOsborne Brothers
8. Cabin on the hillLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
7. ScotlandPinnacle Boys
6. I hear a sweet voice callingOsborne Brothers
Place:Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN
5. Blue moon of KentuckyBenny Martin
4. I'm using my Bible for a roadmapMac Wiseman
3. Why did you wanderLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
2. I know you're married but I love you stillDon Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
1. Rocky TopOsborne Brothers