Folksongs and bluegrass for children : a Phil Rosenthal collection

Phil Rosenthal

Label:Rounder 8099
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-01

Song Information:

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16. The teddy bears' picnic3:50
15. Riding in the buggy2:14
14. Jig along home2:42
13. Open up the window, Noah3:03
12. I had a little nut tree2:16
11. Aiken drum3:26
10. Mama don't allow3:50
9. Ducks in the millpond2:57
8. The mouse3:54
7. Hop high, ladies3:25
6. Sailing in the boat2:20
5. The paw paw patch2:40
4. Calico pie2:42
3. Six little ducks2:24
2. In the jungle4:02
1. The train song2:26