Hoe down. Volume 10, Country fiddlers

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm RRCFM 253
Release Date:1972
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1973-01
   Discogs.com ID: 8307953

Song Information:

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A-1. Life in the Finland woodsTater Tate 2:34
A-2. Katy HillTater Tate 1:11
A-3. Prosperity specialTater Tate 0:59
A-4. Irene waltzTater Tate 2:25
A-5. Sally GoodinTater Tate 1:02
A-6. Whistlin' RufusTater Tate 1:48
A-7. Back up and pushDale Potter 2:02
A-8. La raspaDale Potter 1:36
A-9. Gallopin' on the fiddleDale Potter 1:55
A-10. Dill pickle ragDale Potter 1:23
A-11. Fiddle patchDale Potter 1:52
A-12. CorinaDale Potter 1:13
B-1. Kentucky runnin' danceBuck Ryan 1:41
B-2. Wonderin'Buck Ryan 1:19
B-3. Natural bridge bluesBuck Ryan 2:01
B-4. Kingdom comingBuck Ryan 1:25
B-5. Lee HighwayBuck Ryan 1:48
B-6. Ryan's schotticheBuck Ryan 1:44
B-7. Black hawk waltzVassar Clements 2:35
B-8. Fast travelin'Vassar Clements 0:55
B-9. Columbus ragVassar Clements 1:35
B-10. Old ClemVassar Clements 1:35
B-11. Mississippi waltzVassar Clements 1:50
B-12. Londonderry airVassar Clements 1:30