New River jam

Various artists

Label:Mountain M 308
Release Date:1976
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. StagaleePine Ridge Boys 2:47
A-2. Chicken pieSkyland Strings 1:52
A-3. Liza JaneJerry Canote 1:51
A-4. LibertyNew River Jammers 2:08
A-5. Knoxville girlScotty East 2:35
A-6. CindyJill Byington 1:48
A-7. Soldier's joyNew River Jammers 2:10
A-8. Big LizaSusan Cahill 1:18
B-1. Train 45Hill City Cut-Ups 3:09
B-2. House of goldHill City Cut-Ups 3:28
B-3. The boys of Blue HillDoug Pell
B-3. Melody:Doug Pell 2:22
B-3. Rickett's hornpipeDoug Pell
B-4. Shelly's bluesSouthbound 2:25
B-5. The wreck of the Tennessee gravy trainFast Flying Vestibule 3:00
B-6. Shoot the buffaloMartin Fox 2:21
B-7. RoustaboutKyle Creed 1:36