16 fiddler's greatest hits

Various artists

Label:Starday/Gusto SD 3014
Release Date:1977
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-8. Cotton eyed JoeTommy Jackson 1:48
Composer:Tommy Jackson
B-7. Sweet NellieBlue Canyon Boys 1:54
Composer:Hayes, Singer
B-6. Talkin' fiddle bluesScotty Stoneman 3:02
Composer:Scotty Stoneman
B-5. Listen to the mockingbirdFiddlin' Red Herron 2:47
B-4. Molly and TenbrooksJoe Bonson & Coffee Run 1:47
Composer:B. Monroe
B-3. Black Mountain ragHeather Berry & Virginia Carolina 2:55
Composer:C. Fox
B-2. Tulsa hopArthur Smith 2:50
Composer:Wm. York
B-1. Big tiger specialBenny Martin 2:33
Composer:Wm. York
A-8. Mac's hoedownMac Magaha 2:15
Composer:M. Magaha
A-7. Drag that fiddleSkyline Drive 2:27
Composer:Buddy Dee, Wm. York
A-6. Lee Highway rambleCold Creek 2:29
Composer:Wm. York
A-5. Three fiddle swingWade Butler 2:04
Composer:Wm. York
A-4. Maiden's prayerBuck Ryan 2:38
Composer:Wm. York
A-3. Peacock ragChubby Wise 1:59
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-2. Still on the hillHowdy Forrester 1:53
Composer:Wm. York
A-1. Orange blossom breakdown revivalScotty Stoneman 2:33
Composer:Wm. York