Sixty years of Grand Ole Opry

Various artists

Label:RCA Victor CPL 2 9507
Release Date:1986
Country:United States ID: 7570998

Song Information:

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B-2. Were you there?Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
Instruments:Pete Pyle-g; Bill Monroe-m
Vocals:Bill Monroe-L; Pete Pyle-T; Art Wooten-B; Bill Westbrook-BS
B-7. In the shade of the old apple treeDel Wood
Instruments:Del Wood-piano; Velma Smith-g; Grady Martin-bj; Floyd Chance-bs; Karl Garvin-trumpet; Otto Bash-drums
D-5. I can't tell the boys from the girlsLester Flatt
Instruments:Lester Flatt-g; Vic Jordan-bj; Roland White-m; Paul Warren-f; Josh Graves-db; Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano; Jake Tullock-sb; Jerry Carrigan-drums
Vocals:Lester Flatt-L
D-9. Rocky TopOsborne Brothers
Instruments:Paul Brewster-rhythm g; Sonny Osborne-bj; Bobby Osborne-m; Buddy Spicher-f; Ray Edenton-rhythm g; Hal Rugg-steel g; Jimmy D. Brock-bs
Vocals:Bobby Osborne-L; Sonny Osborne-H; Paul Brewster-H; Grant Turner-sp