Stand still

The Isaacs

Label:Horizon HR 0842-2
Release Date:2001-02-13
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-06
County Sales:#244 ID: 8368062

Song Information:

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1. Stand still3:04
2. I know God2:16
3. Prophets admiration2:36
4. I brought you to Jesus4:43
5. I'm ready to go2:34
6. I can't make it Lord, without you2:53
7. Bring your vessels2:27
8. Reach of His hands4:17
9. Muhraqa2:31
10. I said I'll go3:10
11. I come in the name of the Lord2:27
12. He understands my tears3:54
13. Christ arose4:59