Mountain music at it's best : 18 old time tunes recorded at the 34th Annual Old Fiddlers Convention

Various artists

Label:Galax 7062-3
Release Date:1970
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Katy HillOld Music House Boys
A-2. Train 45Virginia Buddies
A-3. Sugar in the gourdSouthern Mountain Boys
A-4. Bile dem cabbageBig Slim & the Roanokers
A-5. Dear old DixieWilson Brothers (Virginia)
A-6. RawhideBluegrass Rangers
A-7. Panhandle countrySpirits of Bluegrass
A-8. Leather britchesPiney Woods Boys
A-9. Pretty little girlSky Liners
B-1. Back up and pushFigbray Brothers
B-2. RichmondBlue Ridge Entertainers
B-3. Paddy on the turnpikeJoe Drye
B-4. Rosewood casketWesley Golding
B-5. Dance all night with a bottle in my handVirginia/Carolina Ramblers
B-6. Florida bluesMountain County Boys
B-7. I'm using my Bible for a roadmapSouthern Partners
B-8. East bound trainFoster Murray
B-9. Weeping willowJimmy Zeh