24 country & western sacred songs

Various artists

Label:King 965
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Jesus will save your soulDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
A-2. Over in the glory landThe Stanley Brothers
A-3. Praise God, I'm ready to goCharlie Moore & Bill Napier
A-4. I can hear my mother prayingJ. E. Mainer
A-5. Gathering in the skyWayne Raney
A-6. Read the Bible every dayCecil Surratt & Smitty Smith
A-7. The love of God is realBrother Claude Ely
A-8. The little brown churchWade Mainer
A-9. I'll be no stranger thereThe Sowell Family
A-10. Ain't no grave gonna hold my body downBobby Grove
A-11. How are you standing with GodEaster Brothers
A-12. I've answered God's callThe Parker Family
B-1. Mother left me her BibleThe Stanley Brothers
B-2. Springtime in HeavenDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
B-3. The arm of GodDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
B-4. Take hold of my handJ. E. Mainer
B-5. The Book of RevelationsWayne Raney
B-6. Only a whisper awayBobby Grove
B-7. He saved my soulEaster Brothers
B-8. I want to go to HeavenBrother Claude Ely
B-9. God overpowered SatanThe Parker Family
B-10. Streamlined religionWade Mainer
B-11. Jesus, the wonderful oneThe Trace Family Trio
B-12. The last mile of the wayCecil Surratt & Smitty Smith