Usual suspects

Usual Suspects

Label:Tomistoma G8R3
Release Date:1982
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1986-01

Song Information:

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A-1. I'll do right by you if you do right by me
Recording Date:1982-11
Composer:Mark Naftalin
Instruments:Mark Naftalin-piano; Bobby Murray-lead g/rhythm g; Tim Kaihatsu-rhythm g; Francis Rocco Prestia-bs; Gary Silva-drums
Vocals:Frankie Lee-L; Vicki Randle-backup V; Nancy Hall-backup V
A-2. Dream baby
Recording Date:1982-11
Composer:R. Orbison
Instruments:Peter Rowan-rhythm g; Mitch Woods-piano; Joe Goldmark-pedal steel; David Shapiro-rhythm g/electric lead g;m; Tom Stern-lead g/m; Francis Rocco Prestia-bs; Doug Corrigan-drums
Vocals:Peter Rowan-L; Vicki Randle-backup V; Nancy Hall-backup V
A-3. What a price
Recording Date:1982-11
Instruments:Taj Mahal-rhythm g/2nd g solo; Al Rapone-accordion; Bobby Murray-rhythm g/1st g solo; Francis Rocco Prestia-bs; Kester Smith-drums
Vocals:Taj Mahal-L; Vicki Randle-backup V; Nancy Hall-backup V
A-4. Rock hearts
Recording Date:1982-11
Instruments:Tony Rice-g; John Reischman-m; Tom Stern-bj; Todd Phillips-sb
Vocals:Tony Rice-L; Peter Rowan-H
A-5. Lonesome hearted blues
Recording Date:1982-11
Composer:Don Reno
Instruments:Ronnie Reno-g; Don Reno-bj; Dale Reno-m; Tom Stern-2nd bj; Don Wayne Reno-sb
Vocals:Ronnie Reno-LV1/H; Don Reno-LV2/H; Don Wayne Reno-H
B-1. Twenty-four hours from Tulsa
Recording Date:1982-11
Composer:G. Pitney
Instruments:Joe Goldmark-pedal steel; David Shapiro-electric g; Bob Tassi-g; Joe Tassi-bs/drums
Vocals:Peter Rowan-L; Sea Jai-H
B-2. You're the reason
Recording Date:1982-11
Instruments:David Shapiro-lead g/rhythm g/electric g; Tom Stern-acoustic lead g; Darol Anger-f; Joe Goldmark-pedal steel; David MacMillan-bs; Doug Corrigan-drums
Vocals:Peter Rowan-V
B-3. Andante with variations
Recording Date:1982-11
Instruments:Frank Wakefield-m; Paul Shelasky-f; Darol Anger-cello/f; Tom Stern-bj; David Shapiro-g
B-4. Learning the blues
Recording Date:1982-11
Instruments:Vel Selvan-soprano sax/alto sax; Charlie McCarthy-tenor sax; Doug Miner-trombone; John Rae-vibes; Larry Dunlap-piano; David Shapiro-g; Seward McCain-bs; Brad Bilhorn-drums
Vocals:Sea Jai-V